Niles board misses underlying problem


Despite an article in the Tribune Chronicle, I reached out to Niles City Schools officials Mrs. Thigpen and Father Lavelle by sending them a copy of my previous letter to the editor along with a memo to share with other board members. Here is part of the memo:

Once again they are missing the underlying problem. The board of education never publishes how it spends the money we give them, but they always ask for more. The voters get it, trust me. We deserve to know this. When it is other people’s money, there is no accountability, never a rainy day fund, no money ever set aside — just spend, spend spend. Then we will ask the voters for more!

Now we find out the school district has nearly unintelligible records. Now all of a sudden when voters say “no,” the district comes up with all kinds of ways to cut spending. Instead, it should have been doing this all along. Someone made the comment I should sign up for the Homestead Act. I did and I have it, but my taxes went up $100 in 2018. I told the board I remember when Principal Lastic in 1993 said he was ready to retire, the public school education was changing and not for the better. I now believe what he said was true. These children come to school with more problems than just attending school to learn. Some do not even have basic etiquette and leave with little knowledge of how to face the world. These children are coddled and pampered. They cannot even think for themselves or make decisions. Everyone does their thinking for them and think they are entitled to everything.