Democrats fight for working class


We hear news about the president’s policies and look hard at the candidates who want to replace him in November 2020. The choices are wide right now, including a Democratic socialist, progressives, moderates and entrepreneurs. No matter who runs, Trump will call that person a socialist. But that’s wrong; in today’s world, the Democratic Party represents average working people and their families.

Jobs are important to Democrats. Trump promised jobs, but the Brookings Institute tells us 72 percent of job growth is limited to 25 metropolises with populations exceeding 1 million people. In the Mahoning Valley, jobs mostly occur in dollar stores and payday lending places. GM jobs and those in other companies have been lost. Wages are not significantly increasing.

Education benefits our children and protects our housing values, but Republican governors have cut tax support of the local schools and tucked the money into a “rainy day fund.” Hey, Gov, it’s raining here! Two of the largest local school districts in the area are in varying stages of emergency.

Health care does not necessarily have to be free, but can we at least lessen the costs of insurance and medications? CEOs of those companies earn many millions per year while we consumers struggle. Universal insurance would address those issues.

We also support climate change, women’s reproductive and equal pay rights, and the dignified support of those down on their luck. We love our guns, but we want to ensure that only mentally healthy, noncriminal people can own them.

The Republicans bow to the lobbies for Big Pharma and the NRA. They favor tax cuts for the wealthy and fail to support options for public television, library books and Meals on Wheels.

Democrats believe as our Founding Fathers taught that all people are created equal. They guard the rights of the working class, and they fight for our general health and welfare. Let’s move toward those goals with kindness and certainty in 2020.