County will be proud to display Rockwell art


The Butler Museum of American Art had an opportunity to display the Boy Scouts of America’s Norman Rockwell collection at its Howland and Youngstown museums. Initially they accepted this opportunity. Then, for whatever reason, the Butler board of directors decided to delay a decision until 2020. This was a shame.

It was heartening to see that Foundation Medici, the backer of the Howland Butler facility, has given notice that it wants to separate from the Butler. The foundation will attempt to bring the Boy Scouts’ Norman Rockwell collection to be its first exhibit as it opens as a new museum in the near future.

The Butler assumed control of the Howland museum several years ago, and our community was hopeful it would become a vibrant hub of activity. There have been some great exhibits over the years, but unfortunately, after opening night, there are few visitors. I travel by the Butler every day, and it saddens me to see such a jewel not being promoted to its fullest potential.

The Boy Scouts of America is a great organization and is not to be trashed by the comments of some members of the Butler board and its administration.

The folks in Trumbull County are not ashamed to promote the leadership skills of the Boy Scouts. We are not ashamed to share the thrill of a young person proudly putting on the Boy Scout uniform for the first time. We are not ashamed to share the news of a young person’s Eagle Scout project. The Norman Rockwell Boy Scout exhibit will showcase all the great Boy Scout experiences many of us have enjoyed over the years.

I urge Foundation Medici to do all in its power to get the Boy Scout collection here, bring the new museum to life and then continue with other great exhibits. I am certain Beth Kotwis Carmichael and the Trumbull County Tourism Bureau will be happy to make the new museum another great Trumbull County destination for visitors.

Finally, a big thank you to the Foundation Medici trustees, especially John Anderson, who is leading this effort. In addition, thanks to Ron Klingle, owner of The Avalon Inn’s parent company, for his pledge to support and market the Boy Scout collection and the new museum.

Trumbull County will be proud to exhibit the works of a great American artist, Norman Rockwell.