Warren hiring story was unnecessary


What was the purpose and urgency of a Tribune Chronicle front page news story about the Warren auditor’s son getting a job? Were laws broken? Did someone file a complaint claiming favoritism or corruption?

Even in this case, there are layers upon layers of separation between the auditor and any element of the city water department. The article makes it sound as if this is not so.

Eventually having more than one person from an immediate or extended family working for the same organization will occur. In McDonald, there are several connections between employees — and in some cases, elected officials — but that’s okay. In my experience, where this appears you find a far more cohesive and dedicated set of employees willing to go over and above in their performance for the sake of each other and their department. More so, based on the locality and geography of our village, this family-like attitude is found regardless of blood line.

I suggest the Tribune Chronicle not make an issue of a non-issue, and rather just celebrate that a needed vacancy was filled by a qualified person who needed a job. A one-liner in the local section about the new hire would be more than sufficient.




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