Unseemly antics exist at Liberty meetings


This is in response to the “Onion” given to me in the June 22 Tribune Chronicle.

You are correct — I did not properly represent my viewpoint to our residents by leaving the executive session. My absence and lack of my vote for an interim administrator to replace Pat Ungaro in Liberty Township was not appropriate. However, there is pertinent information to this vote that requires clarification.

I left the executive session under the following circumstances. By the time I left, my vote was moot as noted below:

There was no executive session listed on the regular meeting agenda; therefore, I was unprepared for the discussion. (This is the job of the chairman or law director, if she is aware of the special session.)

I had learned of Mr. Ungaro’s decision to retire on the day of our Monday evening meeting. We had received no letter of resignation from him at that time. To date, I have not received any letter.

When we entered into executive session in my office, I handed the administrator’s job description to Trustees Greg Cizmar and Arnie Clebone.

Attorney Cherry Poteet asked, “Would you like me to post an ad in the paper for this position?” There was no reply from the other two board members and little to no discussion.

Mr. Clebone stated that it was their (his and Mr. Cizmar’s) decision to appoint our administrative assistant as interim administrator.

I disagreed, as the candidate did not meet the qualifications of the job description. There was no attempt to consider the job description or interview any other candidate. The job description is available for your review.

They got up to exit the room and said they were going to offer the administrative assistant the position without any mention of what they planned to pay her. I then stated, “I am going home because the two of you have obviously made your decision.”

Unilateral action with no internal or public discussion has been commonplace since their appointment as trustees.

Proper procedure for a critical personnel change would have been to have a resolution on the agenda to accept Mr. Ungaro’s resignation before looking for a replacement. We never received a letter from Mr. Ungaro and, therefore, I was unaware that any discussions had taken place regarding a replacement. My absence was my statement in regards to this lack of transparency for our residents. We owe it to our residents to aggressively pursue and hire the most qualified candidate to address serious issues our township faces. This was not done in this and numerous other instances. I feel our residents should be informed of these unseemly situations.


Liberty Township trustee