Time to read the Mueller Report


Lately, I am frustrated watching cable television journalists who normally suit my moderate-liberal bent. I want to stay informed, but I feel wearied by moment-by-moment recaps of Donald Trump’s escapades, accompanied by constant updating of those who would vote to impeach Trump.

Core Democrats do not want to impeach Trump, which is simply the act of bringing someone up on charges. Impeachment is done by the House of Representatives, which might vote to refer the matter to the Senate. If the Senators approve the vote of the House, then the impeached person leaves office.

But the current GOP Senate would not vote approval if the House impeached Trump. Trump would then crow maddeningly about his final vindication, his ultimate proof that he never in this world did anything of any kind wrong, ever.

That’s why people must read or listen to the Mueller Report. We paid millions for it and waited two years. Sadly, most people don’t even know what it says. Do you? Mueller says he found insufficient evidence of conspiracy. And despite citing multiple actions of obstruction, he asserts Trump cannot be charged as a sitting president; he then mentions that the Constitution defers such matters to Congress.

Meanwhile, Trump’s presidency gets riskier exponentially. He abuses the power he accrues as our president and even makes money from it. His unwise decisions denigrate America’s standing in the world. He has actually threatened to pull us out of NATO, and he constantly expresses his admiration of the world’s cruelest dictators.

He envisions his term of office expanded, like that of China’s presidents — he said so. In this Valley, he has failed to live up to his economic and jobs promises. Meanwhile, the Russians are already interfering with our 2020 election. We must pay careful attention.