Sound off!

So, Commissioner Dan Polivka worries about tax-payers paying $50 per hour for a consultant’s one day of work? This while not caring that Mobility Manager Mike Verich gets paid $36,000 per year with little to show for it? Mr. Polivka should stop worrying about pennies to score political points and look for where the county could save actual dollars.

— Howland

Commissioner Dan Polivka thinks it is disturbing that TJX won’t call him back to discuss hiring local union workers after he gave them their tax break? I find it disturbing that Trumbull County gave the tax break without making sure local labor was going to be used. Some Democrats they are.

— Liberty

Lordstown dropped the ball again. When TJX planned to build their warehouse here, residents fought against it. The deal finally was approved, and I thought good! Finally new jobs after GM destroyed our economic base. Now I see leaders did not include language in the abatement agreement requiring TJX use local workers. Really? Assume TJX would seek lower wage construction workers if not compelled not to. Now, Trumbull County commissioners are back pedaling. Good luck with that.

— Bristolville

Trumbull County, it was just announced, is again in the top five counties with the highest unemployment in the state. Why is Trumbull County filled with commissioners who make $90,000 per year and some mayors making $85,000 per year? Why are we paying these people so much to oversee our decline?

— Fowler

How does Warren’s mayor and council keep getting taken in by these false promises? Titan LED was promised eight years ago; manufacturing automated parking garages was promised four years ago; and now these guys who want to build concrete houses here and sell them on Amazon? They were crowing about building their business near rail lines — rail lines that were just abandoned! Wise up, Mayor Franklin. Giving false hope during election years helps nobody!

— Warren

As reported in this newspaper, looks like Girard is raising the fines associated with the speed cameras in use in Girard. This certainly puts a whole new spin on the term highway robbery. They indicated that this is to cover the cost of the court fees imposed by the new law set by the state recently. And these no goods voted themselves a 6.5 to 7 percent pay raise, seems more like the ability to pay for the pay raises. This almost teeters on the edge of being unethical and certainly not for the safety of the motorists passing through Girard.

— Cortland

Not thrilled that Tim Ryan, during the candidate debate Wednesday, said he wants to stay entrenched in Afghanistan. Tim is pandering to the war happy Americans who don’t understand why we’re there. His admission that he wants to continue to spill American blood there reminds me of what ignorant politicians said during Vietnam. No more war for political points!

— Niles

Tim Ryan said the Democratic Party has “lost touch with working class Americans.” He is right! He has allowed over 50,000 union jobs to leave northeast Ohio during his 17-year tenure. He abandoned 20,000 Delphi retirees who lost their earned pensions and health care. His Tech Belt has produced a pittance of jobs. And now he runs for POTUS? Tim Ryan should allow the Mahoning Valley to move forward by getting out of the way and resigning!

— Warren