Shut down Trump’s concentration camps


I would like to know what is being done about shutting down Trump’s child concentration camps. I know these children are being caged and treated like animals, denied basic necessities and suffering from cruel conditions. The current administration has made it a policy to separate families and now are responsible for the children they have ripped from their families and the atrocities they have forced upon them, which are inhumane. What kind of country puts a policy into effect with these kind of horrific conditions as the standard? Is this truly the best we are capable of offering to people who have come to us in fear begging for our help — more pain and suffering?

What are we telling the world, and what are we telling future generations? It seems to me that all this is doing is making the next generation of people who will have a grudge against America, and can anyone blame them? Tim Ryan should put his presidential campaign on hold, as the election is more than a year away, and help these children who have nobody to speak up for them and are suffering now. Rob Portman and Sherrod Brown need to fight for these children, too. If we can’t let their own families watch over them until the issues are resolved, can we at least treat them like the human children they are?


Newton Falls