Republicans oppose helping the needy


Donald Trump hates you, but don’t take it personally. He hates me too — and all of us who use publicly provided services, such as schools, parks, health care, collective bargaining, libraries and environmental protections. From his billionaire perspective, everything previously mentioned is welfare and an expensive waste.

On Nov. 6, politicians of the extreme right came out demanding votes. They promised to be more Trump-like than Trump. Their agenda included being harsher to the poor and enthroning the wealthy over America’s working people. Mitch McConnell said Republicans would address the real drivers of debt — like Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, food stamps and all programs that take away from their tax giveaways.

Surprise! The Democrats won back the House and can put a halt to all things Republicans want to do to the elderly, poor, minorities, disabled and veterans.

When Veterans Day comes, Republicans attend ceremonies honoring our veterans who gave their lives; they place wreaths on the Unknown Soldier gravesite. But when veterans are living on the streets begging for money and you see the deplorable conditions of some Veterans Administration hospitals, then who do you blame?

I believe all veterans who served and helped to keep America safe should pay for nothing. But our government thought corporate billionaires needed a tax break more than our brave veterans. If the Democrats put forth a bill to take care of our veterans, what are the odds that Mitch McConnell and the Republican Senate will shoot it down?

They know they need to keep Trump happy and their corporate contributions coming.


Hermitage, Pa.