Disease infecting all Americans


An emotional or mental disease can affect an individual, a group or a society. In the movie “One Flew Over the Coo Coo’s Nest,” there’s a subplot where the doctors running the mental health facility were only managing the patients, not trying to heal them. They did this because they had a profit motive of keeping the patients in their facility. The more the better. Trouble was, by the end of the movie, the doctors ended up with the patients’ disease. This happened by osmosis, being around something so long that you acquire whatever it is. When you enable or ignore bad behavior, it never helps the person or yourself. It simply exaggerates the issues, and the behavior continues or worsens.

This appears to have happened with Donald Trump all his life. Now his supporters are just as infected. The Republican Party surely is infected. People who are not held accountable generally end up worse as a person, even if they succeed in other areas.

Few like to be held accountable for their mistakes. Still, most people deal with it when their lies or failures are exposed. Those who don’t like being held accountable will attack those holding them accountable, calling them “difficult” or the enemy. Those being held accountable will fight and obstruct activities or people who are holding them accountable. The behavior is obvious, and everyone sees it except those being held accountable.

Trump’s lies are so huge and pervasive they have infected his supporters. For instance, Trump used to say he would love to release his tax filings, but he was under audit. Now he’s under a subpoena, and he has his minions fighting for him to keep his tax filings hidden. Trump supporters ignore this because they believe they are profiting from his presidency.

Society’s only hope is to save as many from this disease before they have it so bad that they will never face their own mistakes because it hurts their inner self too much.

People with this issue have low self-esteem and big egos. They have power and anger issues. They abuse their power for self gratification, but it never lasts. So they keep doing the abusive behavior. The cycle repeats until there is a major blowup.