Be educated on laws to protect yourself


I read the Tribune Chronicle story about politicians in Warren talking about issues concerning public employees. As usual, politicians talk to get votes and have no clue what the Ohio Revised Code or the Ohio Ethics Commission law states.

I retired from the city of Warren two years ago with 33 years of dedicated service. I spent countless hours reading in the Trumbull County Law Library about federal, state and municipal law. I did this not to get over on my employer, but to protect myself from elected officials and overzealous government employees.

To give an example, civil service law trumps any local ordinance or union contract. Civil service law clearly states the legal hiring practices. The city tests new potential employees and chooses from the top 10 who pass the test, period. It’s happened before.

It’s sad the politicians in Warren have run the city into the ground, but what is sadder, the voters believed them.

Minority groups, you can lead the charge to change.

Educate yourself. Read the laws and proper procedures. After that, use an attorney fro help if needed. They might do it free to get publicity.

There is a cesspool in Warren; clean it.


North Bloomfield