Sound off!

To those who don’t remember when we were thriving and steel mills started to decline, Republic Steel became LTV, then WCI, then gone. Delphi started moving to Mexico in the late 1970s or 80s. We watched it disappear to cheaper labor and more profit for companies. Politicians before Tim Ryan should be blamed when they saw the greedy companies finding ways to grow profits. I am neither for Ryan nor against him, but put the blame on those before him who should have done more for this area.

— Warren Township

When I read the letter to the editor from Glenn Holmes’ daughter about her disdain for the Tribune Chronicle’s editorial about Holmes leaving his statehouse post for a higher paying political appointment, I could not help but laugh. She considers the Tribune garbage when it is critical of Holmes, but I’m sure she cherished it when it endorsed him or gave him an orchid. I would not even be surprised if her family keep a scrap book of those favorable articles. Ironic. Do you see the hypocrisy here?

— Niles

The Tribune Chronicle headline was “Phys ed teacher cut in Lakeview.” Because the district has lost 5 percent enrollment every year for the past 3 years, it placed a teacher on a reduction list. I think that is a cut, and I am truly sorry for that teacher if it is. Then it hired two new teachers. Shouldn’t the headline read, “Lakeview loses students but adds one teacher”?

— Cortland

This is in support of the University At Larchmont, despite the incident reported there. This is a very family-oriented restaurant and bar. I have been going there for food and support parties for many years. This family has supported many fundraisers and sponsored many teams. It has always been a gathering spot for many friends and families. Except for a few naysayers, this is a very clean and safe environment.

— Warren

A contempt charge against Attorney General Barr? Nadler and the House Democrats are an embarrassment. They should know it’s illegal for Barr to reveal possible grand jury investigation information! We pay them how much to play childish antics? They are not the representatives I want to introduce legislation.

— Braceville

I have an idea for Liberty’s new logo: Why not a silhouette of a cop standing on a highway bridge with a speed camera in hand, and for a slogan, how about: “Welcome to Liberty, smile and open up your wallet.” I could care less about a logo or slogan. I will continue to boycott Liberty, Howland, Girard, Weathersfield and Youngstown because of their speed cameras and policing-for-profit scams.

— Cortland

I want free medical. I want free college. I want free food. I want free housing. I want free utilities. I want free cable TV. Vote for Tim Ryan and it will happen. I don’t give a care who pays for it. I want mine and I want it free!

— Warren

What is wrong with people who abuse dogs? If they don’t want an animal, why have them? All any kind of animal wants is to be fed, loved and a decent place to lay its head. They have no defense so they are at the mercy of the abusers. Why waste taxpayer money with court and jail? Put the abusers in a field surrounded by animal lovers. The abuser would be taken care of very fast and would experience what they put his / her animals through.

— Howland

Trump vs. Congress isn’t a “constitutional crisis.” It’s how the Constitution is designed to work. Attorney General William Barr has refused to remove the redacted parts in the Mueller Report. Nadler and the other Democrats should refer to Rules of Criminal Procedures, Rule 6E specifies grand jury testimony is secret and shall not be revealed. They are saying the president is becoming a dictator, but who’s subverting our Constitution? Wake up America!

— Howland