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USW 1375 members helped propel Tim Ryan into Congress. Where was Ryan when RG Steel closed, when its 100-year steel operation ended here? Ryan had moved on; he was at a ribbon cutting ceremony at the Youngstown Incubator. He forgot the people who needed him. Steel workers feel bad for GM workers. They lived it, and no one stepped out to try to save the mill in 2012; 2500 jobs from RG Steel, GE and other businesses left the county. This track record does not qualify Ryan as POTUS.

— Cortland

Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D., reported Pope Francis sent $500,000 to 26 Mexican dioceses to clothe, shelter and feed illegal immigrants heading to our southern border. The funds are from the Peter’s Pence collection. This pope’s actions are extremely political. Help illegal immigrants improve conditions in their own country! With declining congregations and clergy in our area, funds should be directed to aging clergy needs and church upkeep. This pope’s priorities are askewed. Not my pope!

— Howland

It is amusing to see how desperate the Democrats are to save the “insert foot into mouth” scenario they have created. What? No collusion. What comments did we hear? Robert Reich’s political column comes to mind in which Reich implies that Trump knows he’s guilty. The noose is tightening. Now what was that? Yes, Trump’s moral values lack, but you know what? He has a high respect for Christians.

— Williamsfield

Could someone please explain to Attorney General Barr that the Mueller report did not become “his baby” once Mueller handed it over to him? That is what he said in testimony. The American public is the owner of that report. I urge all voters to contact their U.S. senators and congress members and tell them you will not be voting for them if they remain silent on this subject. Where are the Republicans? This is ridiculous.

— Cortland

Thirty thousand dollars of repairs reported by the owner on the Reeves building and all done without a permit according to what was said by the mayor. How does that happen when in the city you need a permit for everything from changing a hot water heater to sprucing up your front door? Sounds like many fines need issued. Stop this drug rehab facility now from coming into our city or lose future worthy investments!

— Warren Township

Apparently, qualifications do not matter in government appointments. Appointing Glenn Holmes to the parole board is like appointing a barber for a position of brain surgeon. Sure, the barber works on the head and sure, the barber knows that the brain is used for thinking, but that’s where it ends. Holmes’ experience ends far short of being qualified for this position. But then, it’s government work.

— Niles

Per the appointment to the state parole board, now I understand why Glenn Holmes supported the heartbeat bill.

— Niles

The Democratic Party must realize Hillary was a bad “baggage-carrying” candidate, and Donald Trump won the presidency. It’s over and Congress needs to get back to legislating for the people they represent! The Mueller report is done, and if there was any tidbit of collusion, he would’ve found it. The Democrats are obsessed with taking down a duly elected president. Just stop and get to work!

— Braceville


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