Republicans only fight for the wealthy


Every time a caring politician proposes a popular idea that would help ordinary people, the politician is called a socialist. If you propose to reduce college debt, help sick families or make the super rich pay their fair share of taxes, you are a walking nightmare to the Republicans and their corporate owners. These same Republicans consistently vote for tax cuts for the rich and gut taxes and regulations on corporations. These fearmongers want you to believe their type of government, which lords over the rest of us, is the best way. Their agenda is to keep wages stagnant and lower the standard of living for the majority.

Conservative Republicans want to scare you into embracing their plutocratic agenda as the best thing for you.

Rep. Tim Ryan from Howland has decided to run for President. Voters must be elated. For years Ryan has fought for workers’ rights, the elderly and everything that would help the middle class and the poor. With the long list of candidates on the Democratic side, I think Ryan has a good chance of being the candidate for the Democratic Party.

Did you know Eisenhower was a socialist? Republicans of today would deny this, but the facts are there. Eisenhower presided over government-subsidized mortgages that helped millions of Americans purchase their first homes. During his administration, the wealthy paid a top tax rate of 91 percent on their incomes. The Republicans of today would say you can’t help people by doing these things because the rich must come first.

If Americans think Americans helping Americans is wrong, then the plutocratic Republicans have won. But I think Americans will not let Republican plutocrats control this country. Remember Tim Ryan, and listen to him when he puts forth his agenda.


Hermitage, Pa.


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