Red flag is choosing money over God


History will record the great experiment in capitalism and democracy was brought down not by an aggressive foe or force of arms or superior technology. None of these things were the culprit. As President John Adams put it long ago, “There never has been a democracy that didn’t commit suicide.”

We in America seem to be going down that path. Why? And how did this happen? There is no single answer, but I will mention three here.

The first is greed. As the price of goods and services continue to escalate; taxes for military, government and public programs continue to increase; and as our wage and benefit levels do not reflect our participation in a global economy, nor is the compensation level of corporate America based on actual value, but rather on personal greed, we face an ever more obvious culmination: suicide.

Secondly, we are witnessing an ongoing moral decay as attested to by pornography, sexual perversion and the fading away of family values.

Finally, we are abandoning the foundation upon which our nation was founded: one nation, indivisible and under God. We are neither indivisible nor under God.

These are a few of the red flags we should all see as a nation on the verge of suicide. Is this the fate we want for our children and grandchildren? Can we step away from the brink?

It is, in the final analysis, our choice. As Moses once said to his people, “Choose life.” Choose the light and truth and love of God.