Public officeholders should be leaders


When I was young, I heard about people cleaning by lifting the corner of a rug and sweeping dirt underneath to hide it from view. It didn’t solve the problem because the dirt worked its way out from under the rug and ultimately some good soul dealt with it by sweeping it into a dust pan and emptying the pan into the trash.

I am concerned that political officeholders are too often hiding their dirt these days. They talk of transparency, but cover their actions or inactions with the thickest carpet of deception. I use the term “officeholder” to clarify that I am not speaking about true political leaders. The true leaders are at work — reading reports, analyzing data, looking for solutions, asking for public input, studying history, weighing pros and cons, acting judiciously.

In other words, if there is a problem, a need or an opportunity, a true leader will pick it up and address it, not just move it around and hope it doesn’t surface until he’s out of office. I appeal to all officeholders to become leaders. Do the right and honorable thing. If you can’t remember what that is, don’t hire a consultant firm. Have an open door, an open mind, an open Bible and an open heart.

Roll up the rug, the truth will set you free.




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