Preserve trees for public enjoyment


As some of you may know, I and local environmentalists have been on a quest to save 42 acres of primeval trees located beside the Newton Falls School District from being cut down for a mere pittance.

A hastily thought-out plan that was brought to attention by a worker who was logging nearby. This beautiful land was donated to the board of education to be used for educational purposes and public use; if it was not used for donative purposes, then it automatically reverted to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to be preserved for the maximum enjoyment of the public.

There were and still are alternative options provided to the superintendent by The Western Reserve Land Conservancy: (1) a grant program in which the land is purchased and they work with Trumbull Metro Parks; and (2) a conservation easement so the property remains intact.

Why would they choose to strip the land of everything that is of value and educational? Logging will mean only devastation to the land and the wildlife, not to mention increased water runoff to neighboring properties, an increase in mosquitoes from pooling water and a decrease in property values which would affect school funding.

In today’s trying times in which the school still will need the community’s support, why not support the community by preserving the area for the intended educational use and public enjoyment?


Newton Falls