Planned utility increase unfair


Because of the proposed Trumbull County Water and Sewage increase I feel compelled to tell you how this will affect me and many other senior citizens in Champion who live on a fixed income. We already are paying a minimum monthly amount of $52.57 regardless of how little water we use, which is higher than my electric or gas bill. In the winter I set my thermostat at 67 degrees and put on more clothes. In the summer it’s on 76 degrees and I dress accordingly. Unfortunately there is no way to lower my water / sewage bill.

I am a widow on a fixed income living alone in half of a small duplex. I shower daily, wash two loads of clothes per week and don’t even have a dishwasher and still have to pay $52.57 per month. The 90-year-old widow on the other side of the duplex also pays $52.57 per month, so Trumbull County Water and Sewage is receiving $105.14 per month from one property. This seems like an exorbitant amount, and with an increase it will be outrageous!

My deceased husband and I used to live on the northwest side of Warren in a two-story cape cod, and our water / sewer / garbage bill ran around $32 per month, which was reasonable. Why is my water / sewage bill so much higher in Champion and doesn’t even include garbage pickup?

I feel the people of Champion are really being taken advantage of in this instance and I want something done about this.