Nuclear bailout will destabilize free market


General Motors has lost 4,500 jobs in Lordstown in the past three years. The population of Lordstown is currently 3,200. The loss of the General Motors Lordstown Complex has created dramatic negative financial impact on the village, yet the Ohio legislature has offered no bailout to us.

So why should we spend $300 million a year to bail out two bankrupt nuclear plants? This bailout destabilizes the open and free power generation market in Ohio at taxpayers’ expense. Additionally, it jeopardizes a new natural gas-to-electric power plant in Lordstown that will produce electricity at half the cost of nuclear or coal, saving consumers money.

A new plant will bring $2 million man-hours of work to the Mahoning Valley and would have an economic impact of $26 billion for Lordstown, Warren and the Mahoning Valley over its lifetime. Because of this, I question, why is a bailout needed? Who is responsible? Do we point to bad management? Poor business decisions?

In a changing world, the Mahoning Valley must be on top and ahead of the curve. I appreciate the willingness of state Rep. Michael O’Brien of Warren to recognize that this piece of legislation will negatively impact Lordstown and the entire Mahoning Valley.

I ask that you call your state legislators and ask them to also vote no on Ohio House Bill 6.



Lordstown Village


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