Hold Bazetta elected officials accountable


Bazetta Township trustees have made promises to correct certain issues, which, in my opinion, still exist. As elected officials, they need to prove themselves to the residents of Bazetta that they are making good, sound judgments concerning the financial operations of Bazetta Township.

They cannot give false numbers in regards to the finances presented to the taxpayers. I presented them with corrected amounts for the 2016-2017 budget, which was understated by almost $1.5 million, and the same issues were found for the 2017-2018 budget.

Trustees in May 2018 accepted a $17,000 donation from Cafaro Foundation to fund continued operation of the township park following a 0.25-mill park levy defeat. But they actually had $508,878 in the general fund they could have used to fund park operations.

Also, the March 30 illegal meeting that Trustees Ted Webb and Frank Parke attended with the road department labor union, with action taken, should be null and void, and anyone who was paid to be there should pay the money back to the township because it was not a legally advertised meeting.

I questioned the wage increase for the fire chief and road superintendent because trustees for two years have stated that we are in fiscal trouble, and they continue to go to the public for additional monies through levies.

So which is it? Are we fiscally sound or not?




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