Facility would be Warren’s death knell


I hope all downtown merchants unite and work together to keep a 65-bed drug recovery center from going into the Reeves apartment building.

Great things have been going on downtown, including the innovative ideas of Mark Marvin who has chosen to come back to his hometown and put faith and a lot of money into making Warren something to be proud of again.

To name a few there are Mark Marvin’s luxury condos, giving us back the Robins Theatre and the soon-to-open winery. Also Thom Duma is not only keeping, but expanding, his ever-popular store in Warren. We have a beautiful Best Western Hotel with the popular Speakeasy bar and restaurant. Plus there are investments with smaller businesses taking a chance on hopes of what Warren can or will become.

All these are bright spots that bring us hope for Warren to once again become a vibrant city where one can shop, eat, enjoy entertainment and feel safe.

Allowing a 65-bed recovery to be located right as you enter downtown, across the street from the new winery and the amphitheater will do nothing positive for the city of Warren. I would have to ask our city leaders and anyone else involved with the revitalization of Warren, are you seriously going to risk losing future investments by Mark Marvin if this facility is allowed?

At one time I heard that building was going to be turned into nice, affordable apartments for people who wanted to live downtown but could not afford the new condos, that the property nearby was going to be developed to support that idea. It all sounded exciting.

How many drug recovery places do we need inside the city limits? How many are on Youngstown Road right now?

We have a “Welcome to Warren” wall at the edge of Market and South streets as you are driving into downtown. There is barely anything nice — buildings that are abandoned, empty unkept lots. Then you see a massage spa on the left, a nice union hall on the right, A&N restaurant supply and Thumm’s bicycle shop (all nice). Do we want the next thing to be a drug rehab? I don’t think this is something the merchants or the citizens of Warren (or those of us outside the city that want to come to Warren for shopping or entertainment) want. A nail in the coffin for Warren.