Eagle-eye camera can cost you $100


I’m thinking that happy times on the highway have run their course.

“Car 54, where are you?”

That’s what today’s driver contemplates while driving through town. You better not let your mind wander because two weeks later, you might get mail from the police department.

“Dear John, I must inform you on such date, you were driving 42 mph in a 25 mph speed zone.”

The days of the Candid Camera have changed from a good laugh to a remorseful cry.

Your license plate has your entire life history.

Remembering the TV series “This is your life;” now the Bureau of Motor Vehicles can do the same thing, but it may not leave you with fond memories. That eagle-eye camera shot can cost you $100.

Remarkably, you have one of two choices: (1) a one-way ticket; or (2) become an inventor and spend the rest of your life on a quest for invisible paint.