Dig deeper to try to understand politics


The conservative press puts out pro-Trump propaganda just as surely as the liberal press members often behave as caricaturists. We must dig deeper into stories using alternative resources to verify facts. I prefer print media because I can explore it slowly.

Hillary Clinton did not initiate the Fusion GPS Trump dossier. It was originally funded by a conservative anti-Trump newspaper, the Washington Free Beacon, supported by Sen. Marco Rubio. As Trump’s star rose in the party, Sen. Rubio stopped the Beacon. The Clinton campaign and DNC’s law firm then assumed funding of the dossier. Yes, Fusion GPS hired a retired British agent who gathered material for the report.

What about investigating the investigators? Before becoming a Trump campaign aide, George Papadopoulos worked in London and confided to an Australian journalist that Russia had political dirt on Clinton. The journalist tipped off the FBI, already investigating Russian election interference. They checked out Papadopoulos and aide Carter Page. This doesn’t justify the Senate’s new determination to investigate the FBI or re-investigate Clinton.

After Trump admitted he fired FBI Director James Comey because of Russia, Robert Mueller, who previously served both parties, was appointed by Republicans. Trump supporters insist the report shows Trump is cleared, but Democrats cannot agree until Congress receives the unredacted report. While people accept Mueller’s word that there is no proof of Trump-Russia collusion, perceived examples of Trump’s obstruction make him look guilty. With 2020 approaching, most Democrats don’t favor impeaching Trump, anyway. There was never a “coup” as Trump claims.

Why demand Trump’s taxes? Candidate Trump attempted an ill-fated Trump Tower-Moscow deal worth millions. With many financial benefits accruing to Trump through his presidency, which violates the Constitution’s emoluments clause, reviewing his tax returns will allay suspicions.

Both parties generally united after elections to support the president elected — until Obama’s presidency. Hiring an anti-climate change EPA director and an anti-public school education director plus dismantling our healthcare system without a replacement exemplify Trump’s determined reversal of President Obama’s legacy out of sheer loathing of the man. Today’s divisiveness emanates from a Senate majority leader who will not bring the House’s bills to the floor for a vote.

Trump means, as a former advisor stated, to deconstruct the administrative state of our government. He labels Democrats as “Socialists.” His immigration policy and intolerance of minorities have likewise disrupted the fabric of brotherhood that has always united this nation. Here in this Valley, let’s remind ourselves that we are all neighbors seeking increased wages, affordable health care and good public schools. There is no need to call each other names. But we should all reach beyond the necessarily rapid cycle of the broadcast mainstream media to fully understand what we hear.