Coverage of Holmes’ resignation slanted


Over the past several years, I have had a front row seat to both praises and onslaught of criticisms directed towards my father, Glenn Holmes. It has been quite a roller coaster ride for not only my father, but for his family as well.

Criticism, even that which is created with partial or a complete lack of knowledge, is to be expected and even necessary to serve more effectively. It comes with the territory, and so most of the time, it is not taken personally.

However, the Tribune Chronicle’s recent heavily presumptuous editorial on the intent behind Glenn Holmes’s resignation as state representative to take a position on the state of Ohio parole board after several years in public service is nothing short of shameful.

Your decision to negatively slant your coverage of his resignation and to present it as part of some nefarious plot to mislead his constituents and advance himself simply because of his decision to not personally comment to the media and instead direct you to the public information specialist (which is protocol in this circumstance) is disappointing and sad. Reporting and editorializing such as this is a clear example of why people are often soured with the media.

I’ve been able to witness the sacrifices that the media and the public will never see. I have been able to witness my father decide to take pay cuts and work more than one job in order to serve the public. I have been able to witness the sacrifices that my father has taken to his health as he forced to entertain the empty notions of those who can’t see beyond the veil of their conspiracy theories. I have witnessed attacks on his integrity and character. I have witnessed all this and witnessed my father still gladly continue in his service with just as much dedication and zeal because he believes in serving others and the community as a whole above himself.

Ultimately, your editorial will serve as compositional refuse, but the irony cannot be missed. “Yes, it is no wonder why (readers of the media) become embittered.”