Country’s homeless in need of our help


Homelessness isn’t something to be tolerated any longer in our country. It has occurred for far too many senseless years with very little being done by the government leaders or anybody for that matter. Some people say that the homeless choose to live like that. No, they are dealing with many issues in their lives such as mental illness, loss of job and other health concerns. They weren’t given the opportunities, or were never guided to the right facilities to obtain proper care.

Our government could provide many resources to the homeless of our country in a very simple manner. There are countless foundations throughout the country that could benefit each of the homeless individuals. Also, there are many abandoned homes and warehouses all over the country that could be utilized to help get the homeless population off of the streets. Many cities throughout the country look like wastelands and are filled with complete filth and decay.

There are ways to build small homes on vacant property too, homes that are like small bungalows that can house one to four individuals. They could be built with very little money — between $900 to $2,000 dollars — giving people opportunity to have a beautiful home. The vacant homes and warehouses could be remodeled to upgrade and beautify them. The warehouses could be like community centers which could benefit the people immensely on a daily basis. They could provide activities, food, classes for enrichment and help people to get job placement.

Of course, there would be a need to provide health care to the individuals who are homeless. Many need mental health care, and care to help them get better so they can work again. If they are unable to work, they would need case managers to help them with the necessary paperwork to have filed for disability, so they can obtain proper benefits to help them pay for the necessities in life.

The government needs to provide a bill that would cover a committee to oversee every aspect of the homeless situation to better serve each individual and their families. The time for change is now, and the people of our country should and can do something about homelessness once and for all.


Mineral Ridge