Sound off

We will never know if Hillary Clinton and Mary Barra might have hit it off, woman to woman, on the GM plant. I can’t imagine any person connected with GM who voted for Trump, after Obama and the Democrats saved GM from going under.

— Niles

At present, nothing much is working as a bullying solution. The answer is hold the parents or guardians responsible with heavy monetary fines, or a one- to three-month boot camp for the “brats.” Spare the rod, spoil the child. Hurt the wallet, tan the hide and get attention of the “brats.”

— Warren

I feel so bad for the lady who drove into that yard and hit the little girl just because of that dog. They should ban dogs from cars or put them in the trunk or in a baby seat. Leave your dog at home. They are unsafe while driving.

— Warren

Who gave Mariam Fife a life sentence? Cops, lawyers, High court? Thirty three years to wait to see justice for a 12-year-old Boy Scout who was murdered and found by his father? That boy felt much pain, but the law doesn’t want that animal to feel pain?

— Cortland

Cleveland fans love Chief Wahoo; Native Americans are offended. Black lives matter black people like; others races may be offended. Confederate flags Southern whites like; black people are offended. Is it freedom of speech or not? Ban all clothing with any emblem or writing so we offend nobody! Be careful what you wish for.

— Howland

Tim Ryan is running for president? He’s got to be kidding! He says he’s for the middle-class working people? Then let’s get rid of his suit and tie and put on some working coveralls and, at the end of the day, wash out all the good natural dirt that accumulated under his fingernails. Where was he when GM, Copperweld, Republic Steel, etc., closed?

— Howland

The Democrat primary is highlighting arrogance. What have any of these candidates done in their districts or in society? Most are career politicians who haven’t had a private-sector job since high school. They say anything to get elected, but do nothing that benefits most of their constituency. Tim Ryan has ridden on Traficant’s coattails for 16 years, but has nothing to show for his own reign. His arrogance thinking he’s presidential material is appalling and disgusting.

— Braceville

Tim Ryan has been fighting for the Mahoning Valley and Trumbull County for years. He fought for TJX, and he is fighting for GM Lordstown with everything he’s got. Now that he is running for president, I will support him every step of the way. How can anyone say he’s done nothing? We need him.

— Champion