Ryan presidential bid means more of same


Tim Ryan is running on coming together, but he starts off his campaign by stating that President Donald Trump has done nothing.

Here are some quotes Tim has made. “I’m a progressive who knows how to talk to working-class people, and I know how to get elected in working-class districts. Because at the end of the day the progressive agenda is what’s best for working families.”

Tim also said he voted against the Bush and Trump tax cuts because he believes in investment into lifting up people and closing the opportunity gaps that exist in our society.

If he truly believed in lifting people out of poverty, he would promote capitalism instead of socialism. Capitalism is the only system to date that has lifted more people out of poverty than any other economic system. Tim has voted along party lines his entire time in office. He is certainly not a champion of the working class, nor is he a person who can heal division since, he himself, is divided along party lines. His progressive ideology has and will continue to cause much more harm than good.

Government programs may start out with the best intentions, but soon grow into bureaucratic money-eating monstrosities that consume our tax dollars with extremely pitiful results. Then the bureaucrats running the failed programs will ask for more money because in their mind if they just had more money it would work. In the private sector no one is going to throw more money at a failing venture. Taxpayers throw money into failed programs thanks to the politicians promoting failed programs to garner votes.

Welfare is a great example. By allowing people to remain on welfare for generations, government erodes individuals’ self-worth and removes their ambition. This program has replaced the prime breadwinner in the household with the government, which has destroyed the family unit and removed the role of a responsible adult in that household. We are now living with long-term consequences of these actions.

I am never against helping people, but we should be doing this as a hand up and not a handout, and as a stop gap between jobs or careers. Unfortunately, the pioneer spirit of self-reliance, improving one’s position in life through education and hard work is out of style and may even hurt someone’s feelings if said in public.

Bottom line, the word progressive is the new code word for higher taxes, lower wages, diminishing of freedoms and the middle class in our society so everyone is at the same level with the exception of the elected leaders.