Niles challenger would follow state law


Niles Mayor candidate Jimmy DePasquale was a union member, and he did every job very well.

But he was never overactive in the union, meaning he never held union office. He always obeyed the rules of the job. When he was Niles service director for a year, he did that well and made people follow the rules. What I saw in him as service director was that he followed state law, which is what the union contract is as of 1986. All government union contracts are state law.

I would think the Tribune Chronicle would like seeing someone from Niles follow the law, which does not always happen by Niles elected officials.

If you do your homework, you will see that the city’s decision to outsource the income tax department will not save city money because RITA’s percentage of taxes — those they collect — will go up. And Niles people who lost their jobs mean the city now doesn’t get income taxes from them. RITA does not have people working in Niles, so the city gets no taxes from them. Maybe the city will save a thousand pennies, not dollars.

Your Niles mayoral endorsement implies you think it is OK to break the law. If the union staff representative from Columbus would have done their jobs and filed with SERB in Columbus, this outsourcing would have to stop because union and city signed a contract.