America deserves truth from journalists


If I were a member of the liberal national media, I would be embarrassed to call myself a journalist. When Donald Trump was elected president, the entire Democratic party and half of the Republicans were shocked that a businessman, with no political ties to anyone, was elected president. Since that day, the liberal media has perpetrated lies, manufactured untruths and issued more fake news than the National Enquirer ever has. The reason behind this is to try to get our president removed from office.

The Russian election influence probe is a ridiculous accusation with absolutely no evidence of any kind to substantiate the Democrats’ claim. The Russians did not get me to vote for Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama did.

A generation ago, national journalists would go to no end to get to the truth. At times their lives were endangered by the people they would contact and the information they would uncover. They reported the news as truthfully and as honestly as they could. The emphasis was on reporting, not manufacturing the news. One need only look at President Nixon and the Watergate coverup to see what a tremendous and dangerous job was done to get to the truth.

Why the liberal national media has gotten in bed with the Democrats and their corrupt and socialist agenda is a mystery to me. They say and do things only to garner more votes to keep the Democratic party viable and in office. But they say one thing and believe the opposite. For example, Democrats are against a border wall, but they live in protected, gated communities. They want immigrants from Central America and refugees from Iraq and Somalia to come here unvetted and live, but not on their street or in their neighborhood. They want free health care, cash money, college education and housing for everyone, but never offer a viable way to pay for it all. They want to see Donald Trump’s tax returns but will not investigate the Clinton Foundation or care about Obama’s college records and immigration status. The liberal national media sides with them and promotes this destructive agenda every step of the way. They should be ashamed and embarrassed at their extreme slant toward this liberal agenda.

The terrific people that insisted on freedom of the press and speech for this great country would be shocked and appalled by what is said and written today. Half the people believe it all; but thankfully, the critical thinkers and people not influenced by this ruse still seek the truth and honesty.

Every American deserves to be told the truth and nothing less.


Newton Falls