Support all people who are losing their jobs


The support from the surrounding communities and local and state politicians for the laid-off General Motors employees was wonderful

But I haven’t seen the same support and concern for countless other people losing their jobs. Businesses such as Sears, Dillards, Toys R Us and many other retailers have closed their doors. I don’t recall any area politicians demanding answers to why these businesses were closing and laying off employees. The lack of concern for these laid-off workers by our elected representatives, congressmen and senators is confusing. I understand many people employed in the retail sector are considered the working poor. They’re not being paid $20 to $40 per hour, they’re making minimum wage. Regardless of social class, they should be shown the same support as anyone else.

As for the “working-class politician,” there isn’t one (Republican or Democrat) representing this area.

A “working-class politician” is a politician who shows sympathy and concern for all hard-working people, no matter what social class or wages earned.




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