Suggestions for safety on state Route 82


I believe there are several ways to cut traffic accidents at the intersection of Howland-Wilson Road and state Route 82, other than making a cul de sac on two sides of Howland-Wilson Road. These ways would be less expensive, could be implemented quicker and seems to me to be easier solutions to traffic problems there.

The current cul-de-sac plan will send a lot of traffic to Warren-Sharon Road (Old 82).

Some of that traffic will funnel toward Howland Corners, creating more congestion there. The school buses that cross over state Route 82 will have to find a different route.

Here is a simpler, less expensive solution that it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try:

1. Slow the speed limit to 45 mph on state Route 82 from state Route 11 to North Road. It is a congested area where people speed frequently. If they didn’t, there would not be a police car parked almost every day.

2. Make entrances from Howland-Wilson Road onto state Route 82 “no right turn on red.” It is hard to judge the speed of the oncoming cars when turning right.

3. Make the left turns from Route 82 onto Howland-Wilson Road “left turns only” for a limited time. When the light turns red for those turning left, cars going straight will not have to worry about cars cutting in front of them.

4. There also should be left-turn lanes for vehicles on Howland-Wilson Road turning onto Route 82. Those turning left should go first, then those going straight and turning right should follow them.




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