Sound off

I have been getting 10 to 20 phone calls daily on my landline phone. I’m wondering why the FCC, Direct TV, Dish or Spectrum can’t or won’t do something to at least slow down these calls. I’m assuming the bulk of these calls are computer generated.

— Warren

With all the problems out there, the “Biblegate” editorial was laughable. I have a friend who is an autograph buff. When seeking an autograph, you usually bring a picture or something you want to be autographed, like a book they wrote. Why would anybody bring a Bible for any president to sign? Unless it was a setup by this president or his staff. As far as the dislike for Trump, it’s just some payback for the hate shown to the Obamas or Clintons.

— Warren

The biggest challenge to this country’s intelligence services comes from its own president. Even if he isn’t actively colluding with a foreign intelligence service, he disregards all the information our services provide him saying he knows more than generals, can defeat ISIS by himself and has the biggest brain. He has the best at his fingertips — CIA, FBI, NSA, etc. For some reason, he criticizes them. Why does he always side with ruthless dictators?

— McDonald

A good economic / manufacturing climate in the Mahoning Valley is just about over. Steel, automotive and other manufacturing have dwindled to almost nothing. With the middle class disappearing and a global economy emerging, the answer for a young or displaced worker is get trained and leave the Valley. Find your niche, move to a big city with growth opportunities. Sadly the future of our children is to relocate.

— Warren

The sound-off commenter who said addiction is not a disease, but a choice, should fact check. Addiction is a complex disease of the brain involving compulsive use of substances despite consequences. Addiction disrupts brain regions responsible for reward, motivation, learning, judgment and memory. People don’t choose how their brain responds. That’s why addicts cannot control use while others can. While early use may be a choice, once the brain changes, experts believe addicts lose control of their behavior.

— Warren

Only the Democratic Party would pay $160,000 for a fake dossier to get a warrant to spy on an American citizen to find him guilty before a crime has been committed or proven and then spend $25 million to clear him of collusion, but find other crimes of bank fraud against the IRS and lying under oath that could have been found by the Department of Justice and saved all that money for something good! I expect a refund check in the mail from the Democrats soon.

— Niles