Sound off

Hubbard Township is encouraging officers to work shifts running speed cameras by raising pay $10 per hour. Blue Line Solutions, the Tennessee company that manages speed cameras, will pay the officers’ increased salary. Is this legal? A private, for-profit company paying part of a subdivision’s costs to issue speed camera tickets to ultimately bolster its bottom line? Sounds like Blue Line Solutions has one motive: produce tickets and profit at drivers’ expense. This is not about safety. It’s policing for profit.

— Cortland

It’s disturbing our government is so dysfunctional, that a president must veto Congress to protect our country from illegal drugs, cartels, human trafficking, gangsters, diseases and illegal migration. Ohio’s senators don’t see this as an assault on our country, even though border officials, DHS, DEA and ICE, sheriffs and doctors testify we’re at crisis level! We protect Middle East and eastern Europe borders but not our own? Thank God for President Trump and his administration.

— Howland

Obstructionism at its finest. Transit board members have served in multiple positions and city offices and they continue as part of the good ol’ boy system. They move from school superintendent, Warren board of education and other leadership roles. And not much is changing. Residents and commissioners, wake up! Quit putting the same people in positions of authority to exercise poor or no judgment. Time is of the essence and they diligently work to let the clock run out. They are not working in the best interest of those they represent. It’s not their money, so why should they care?

— Vienna

“It’s a Godsend,” said someone waiting in line for Monday’s Meat giveaway. The economy is booming across our nation; those people should be in a line for a job application. Our Democratic leadership is failing Trumbull County, and we continue to support the same political candidates. Fault lies on the voters. I won’t be surprised to see a “Meat Monday-Wednesday-and-Friday” if we continue down this electoral path.

— Cortland

Robert Mueller’s hands were tied to a narrow set of investigation parameters. When his path led to other possible criminality, he passed that information to the state attorneys general to be investigated further. Thank goodness for the United States where, if one party controls the federal government and refuses to do its job, we have individual states to investigate when criminal activity may have occurred.

— Cortland

Rob Portman was one of the few Republican senators to vote against President Trump’s emergency border bill. His excuse was it would allow future presidents to do this too easily. There are thousands of illegal migrants entering our country each day. Is this not a crisis? Remember this when election time comes.

— Girard

It’s common practice for some to project failings and shortcomings onto other individuals. We have excellent examples in U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan and Sen. Sherrod Brown. Let me recount ways these two have incompetently served our valley: Packard Electric, General Motors, Copperweld, General Electric, RGI Steel, etc. — all gone under their watch! Yet, instead of assuming responsibility, these two continually blame Trump. Pathetic!

— Cortland

Mary Barra’s own admission is that GM unallocated vehicles, closing the plants. Isn’t this after a domination of France’s investment, stealing the GM logo and producing an entirely different, cheaper product if the company closes the North American plants. Why blame the union? High tariffs are deserved for this war of nerves!

— Warren