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Approximately 50 years ago during turbulent times there was a saying “America, love it or leave it.” All want-to-be socialists, communists, fascists, etc., should consider doing this. All the people who promised to leave if Trump was elected would then make room for those people trying to get in. Most Americans are content with democracy and improving it as needed. If only we could convince Congress of the same.

— Warren

I have lived on Bonnie Brae Avenue for 33 years and enjoyed every minute until the last 18 months. What happened to the enforcement of ordinances like no parking on your front yard, parking the wrong way on the street, unkempt lawns and against cars so loud you can’t hear your TV with all the windows and doors shut? We don’t ask for much — just do your jobs as it was intended to be done and keep the Warren community one to be proud to live in!

— Warren

U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan wants President Trump to spend my money on a “pie-in-the-sky” green plant in Lordstown. Hasn’t he learned throwing money at a problem doesn’t work (Solyndra, GM bailout)? He wants Trump to bring jobs to his district. What are we paying him for? Ryan, get off your butt and hustle, entice, to bargain a deal for industries to your district. Can’t you just be a effective congressman for your district? Get to work and stop whining!

— Warren

To officials Tim Ryan, Sherrod Brown, former Gov. Kasich and now Gov. DeWine, as well as local state representatives and state senators, I applaud your efforts to try to convince GM to change its mind, but remember when there were 13,000 Delphi employees in the late 1990s with now less than 700 there? All your posturing, camera time and rhetoric did nothing to convince Delphi to change its mind. GM and Delphi hear you, but they don’t care. We, the taxpayers, bailed them out, and they forgot.

— Warren

Last week was very bad for Donald Trump. He met in Vietnam with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Trump was unprepared, and the summit failed. Worse, he sided with the ruthless dictator on the torture and death of a young American man. While (Trump was) in Hanoi, Michael Cohen testified and implicated Trump in money laundering, bank fraud, insurance fraud and conspiracy. Most of us realize what makes a bad president. The real question is when will his dolts?

— McDonald

According to recent reports, Amazon paid little to nothing in taxes last year. Before the state of Ohio jacks the gas tax on hard-working Ohioans, I think it would be fair to fix this ridiculous tax system we have in the U.S. It seems to me that the politicians always go to middle America to pay for things like this. Let’s get these wealthy corporations to pay a little more before going to the little guys for it.

— Cortland


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