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Why are the dunces in Columbus searching for a drug to use in executions? Have they not noticed an opioid 50 to 100 times more lethal than heroin causing fatalities daily? Our Chinese friends are producing fentanyl by the ton, and it’s managing to find its way to our shores. Death row inmates can rest easy and be assured of dying of old age while the search for a magic execution pill goes on. Geez!

— Mineral Ridge

Gov. Mike DeWine is trying to delay future executions because he thinks there are problems with the drugs. Please everyone call, text, email and tell him you are against this. A recent poll showed 80 percent of Trumbull residents are against this. Join in and let him know.

— Girard

Republicans must understand that Michael Cohen was under oath Wednesday. If he lied to Congress again, time would be added to his prison time, not taken away. There are two real simple solutions to this issue of who is lying. Have Donald Trump testify under oath. It doesn’t need to be public, but it does need to be under oath. Or Trump could just make his taxes available to the public which he has promised, but has failed to do.

— Cortland

It took a 29-year-old woman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a U.S. representative, a Democrat (socialist) of the 14th Congressional District of New York, who has held office only since Jan. 3, to get rid of 25,000 jobs, which was going to pay $150,000 a year. What I do not understand is why do people continue to vote Democrat?

— Niles

If immigrants accept our national culture and work as participants in our national economy, they are welcomed and allowed full participation in the life of our nation. If immigrants refuse to assimilate, clinging to their old laws, beliefs and customs, their activities must be restricted for the good of our nation. Then don’t come to the United States of America; go somewhere else or stay in your home country. Is this too much to require?

— Warren

Let’s say you have a newborn pup with no legs, is blind, deaf and dumb. You would put it to sleep because that’s the right thing to do. Gov. Northam of Virginia said, “If there is no viable life for a baby born after nine months, then it is up to the parents and doctors to decide what to do.” Everyone came down on the governor because he wanted to kill newborns. The dictionary says “viable” is capable of living a normal life. Why is it humane to put the pet to sleep and not a baby in the same condition? The national media ran with it as a partial story.

— Girard

Kudos to Howland Board of Education for eliminating “pay to play.” This inequitable discriminatory policy has no part in a quality public education system. And good job to the Howland Board for paying its short-term bills by acquiring a loan from a local bank before the anticipated funds approved by voters arrive later in the year. An ill-informed contributor to this column last week erroneously conveyed these funds were available when this loan was taken.

— Warren

Kudos on Sunday’s editor’s column! Despite the Lordstown GM plant grieving process, you are sowing seeds for the next chapter. When many held on to the steel mills returning, others made necessary changes to rebuild their future. Drive by Lorain’s Ford assembly plant to see what happens after abandonment. Change is painful, but waiting and hoping are never effective strategies. Plan A, B and C must be developed. As they say, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!”

— Cortland


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