Planners erred in releasing personal info


I am writing in response to the Feb. 22 editorial in the Tribune Chronicle titled, “Release the Investigative Report Now.”

It is my belief, because I was there, that Trumbull County Planning Commission director Trish Nuskievicz and her spouse were not the first to make this issue public. In fact, it was the Chairman of the Planning Commission that read a private and confidential letter in an open public meeting dated July 9, 2018.

This, in itself, violates Mrs. Nuskievicz’s right to privacy. Board members could have stopped this at any time, but they did not.

Trumbull County Engineer Randy Smith made this public after Mrs. Nuskievicz refused to violate sub-regulations, and he went to the press saying he wanted to refuse services to the planning commission director, according to the Tribune Chronicle article on July 20, 2017.

So he doesn’t have to work in the same office to cause friction.

When you speak of taxpayers’ dollars, you might want to look at all the monies spent and paid out due to engineers lawsuits. Mrs. Nuskievicz never had one disciplinary action filed against her in 22 years. Where’s the justice? Because she’s not an elected official? That shouldn’t make a difference. Right is right. Now she is condemned for being on unpaid sick leave? Isn’t it ironic that she is willing to give up a paycheck in exchange for her health?

The planning commission replaced three members that spoke in favor of Mrs. Nuskievicz with three others, and without notifying those they removed.

It’s a shame when people don’t defend right from wrong.

It is all about who you are and who presents the information — and who owes whom.




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