Negative effects of Trump tax cuts


President Donald Trump fires anyone he thinks might expose him, hires loyalists to cover up for him and bullies Republican congressmen. He takes advice from known anti-Americans and thinks more about people like Kim Jung Un and Vladimir Putin than he does Americans who want to “make America friendly again.” He’s leaving a message that Americans come last on his list.

America is starting to see the effects of Trump’s tax cuts. GM got bailed out, and now it is closing plants and cutting thousands of workers. Isn’t this just the opposite of what Trump promised auto workers in Ohio? What happened? No new plants are being built, and jobs are being eliminated. Robots are taking over, and big box store retail giants are putting in self-service check-out lanes. If people would just stay away from self-checkouts, maybe, just maybe, there will be more jobs available.

I’m waiting for the day when a robot carries my groceries to my truck. Should I leave it a tip or should I tip it over?


Hermitage, Pa.