Legislators must uphold constitution


Our Ohio legislators are revisiting the abortion issue again where the taxpayers are going to foot the bill on the ensuing legal battle. Let me remind you these politicians are sworn to uphold the Constitution, but they forgot to mention the Bill of Rights at the swearing in ceremony.

The ninth amendment implies that rights mentioned in the Bill of Rights are not the only ones guaranteed. Government control over women’s reproductive systems does not seem to be in accord with the spirit of freedom eminent at the nation’s founding.

If the anti-choice movement wants to outlaw abortion, they should draft a Constitutional amendment according to Article 5 in the Constitution. Let’s see if they can receive 2/3 vote of both houses and 2/3 of the states. I don’t see that happening.

I think the people who pay the taxes would like to have an accounting on how taxpayer money is spent. In the areas of money management and constitutional matters, most irresponsible politicians leave something to be desired.

There should be a constitutional test before any elected official takes office. The country has a bar exam for lawyers to pass before practicing law, so why should enforcing the Constitution be any different for elected officials?




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