Gas tax hike shows DeWine is a RINO


Gov. Mike Dewine is in office a few weeks and already he wants to raise taxes — 65 percent in gas taxes, no less. I am a solid Republican voter, but I have to hold my nose and vote at times. Kasich had his own issues and continues to be a thorn in the side of conservatives, and now we have DeWine.

Imagine your electric or heating bill increasing 65 percent. Most would raise the roof.

Who needs tax-and-spend Democrats when we have Ohio RINOs (Republicans in name only). You expect Republicans to hold the line on spending, not raise taxes. I hope Ohio taxpayers draw the line.

Find a way to improve infrastructure without raising taxes. Find money in the almost $70 billion budget to get the job done. When will our elite political leaders start making decisions that don’t include raising taxes? The knee-jerk reaction is to raise the gas tax. It irritates me when I have to buy gas in Pennsylvania, which has the distinction of the highest gas tax in the country. Pennsylvania’s gas is generally about 30 cents higher than Ohio’s. You have to really work to have taxes higher than New York and California.

Now Ohio is on the same path.

Now that we have common-sense regulations on drilling, we have seen a boom in oil and gas production. The result is we are no longer dependent on foreign oil, and consumers have benefited in a big way with lower prices at the pump. Take a ride along the Ohio River from East Liverpool to Marietta and see all the pipelines under construction. Drive by Monaca, Pa., on the Ohio River, and see the massive ethane cracker plant under construction.

It’s truly amazing. In the midst of this “boom” that benefits the consumer, RINO Mike wants to take political advantage and raise prices at the pump. And he does it very early in his first (and maybe last) term, hoping we will forget in a few years what he did.

RINO Mike’s plan includes sharing the revenue with cities and towns thereby mitigating the political backlash. It seems career politicians just don’t get it, no matter what political party they are from.

Let’s take a stand. We as consumers must let political elites in the governor’s mansion and Ohio legisture know we won’t let this stand. The only thing politicians respond to is political pressure. Let’s apply the pressure.