Does RITA really save Niles money?


The city of Niles is out of state control. Great job — or was it?

City leaders tell us they saved money by farming out three city jobs to RITA, a private company in charge of collecting city taxes, but not located in Niles.

But look a little closer. Two workers from the city’s tax department retired when the change was made. That means lost income tax money. Plus, a discount the city receives for RITA’s first year of service will go away in the future.

The big kicker is that you no longer can pay your taxes at the city building. Now, you must drive about 15 miles to the RITA office to pay.

Or you can go online to pay, risking that the world can see your credit card number.

But the city saved money, and RITA’s people don’t pay city taxes. That’s about the same as the way the city saved money buying a cemetery mausoleum from a Pennsylvania company instead of accepting bids from two Niles companies.