Cohen allegations serious, disturbing


This is in reference to your editorial titled “Allegations are serious, disturbing.”

I have changed the name in the editorial from Jussie Smollett to Donald Trump. It seems some of Donald Trump’s fellow Republicans in Congress have chosen to give him their unqualified support. Why on earth would they do that? If Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen is correct, Trump committed despicable crimes. He said he paid two women hush money not to go public with their affairs.

Trump denied the payments, but Cohen produced copies of canceled checks he issued for Trump to pay these women. Congress questioned Cohen about his relationship, the things he did to protect Trump over the years. Cohen stated Trump is a “racist, con man and cheat.” Cohen admitted he lied for and protected Trump over the years and lied under oath before to Congress; and he now is going to prison for it. But he now is telling the truth.

If Trump did what Cohen is now saying, he ought to be punished severely. If it’s true, Trump pursued purely selfish goals with no concern for the harm he would cause others. That attitude is inexcusable.




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