Why so much hatred toward Trump?


This president and his family are being besieged, vilified and mocked 24/7. The hatred runs its course through the Deep State, circulates among political communist-leaning Democrats and is dispersed to the general public, which depends on sound bites from those who hate the president, and among those ignorant of facts and blind to accomplishments of President Trump.

Every hour the leftist national media types supposedly hired by networks to provide us factual news hammer us with their very negative thoughts and opinions of President Trump. Fox News, known for its conservative views, also employs a number of very progressive liberal socialist-leaning commentators to be “fair and balanced.” However, Fox News does the best in providing honest reporting.

The disrespect for this president and this high office is tantamount to anything I have ever seen. The mean-spiritedness of these so-called intellectuals and self-absorbed individuals, along with some members of Congress is disgusting and disgraceful.

The speech and actions are something we might expect from one with no education or personal training in manners or civil discourse. We certainly would not want our youth to emulate them to any degree, and yet they see this on TV every day. These newscasters provide the poorest and ugliest portrayal of how an adult professional should not conduct themselves, especially with such an important job. Today, we cannot be sure of what is fact or fiction. The media should not be biased, but they are free to be by exploiting our First Amendment. Where did all this hatred come from?

The Democrats’ mantra seems to be that when you can’t argue the facts, argue the law. If neither works, then start calling names or tell outrageous lies that cannot be disproven. As you might surmise, I have over the past two years been called a deplorable, racist, ignorant voter, heartless bigot, denier and the list goes on. Where are your hearts?

I cannot condone the speech of my president, but I do support him. I do so because he has shown me he cares about our country. For eight years, our past president incredulously divided this country and, in my opinion, missed the golden opportunity we gave him to truly bring this country together; and yet, President Trump gets blamed. No other president has been as open as he is as to what he has accomplished and as to what he would like to accomplish in order to make the United States of America strong and great.

President Trump is not perfect.There was only one who was and is perfect; the one who speaks of love, truth, humility and gentleness.