Who’s driving ‘Drive It Home’ campaign?


The recently announced closing of the Lordstown plant and the “Drive It Home” campaign response is yet another example of the Valley’s loss of the will to fight.

For years, the United Auto Workers Local has been used as the public relations pimp and spokesperson by GM for the Lordstown plant. It was as if, “We will do your bidding, but please don’t hurt us.”

Still, GM lowers the boom to raise the bottom line. And the bonding of the union with the (usually union-busting) Chamber of Commerce is even more depressing. The response to this arrogant move by GM is a softball game of yard signs and a lame media campaign. And then we have stooped to sending politicians, hat-in-hand, to beg GM to reconsider.

Where are the guts of a real labor fight? How about doing a full blown boycott of buying from GM dealerships? Yes, do it here in the Valley, and then spread it to the other communities that also are affected by this shutdown of American labor and workers. It is disgusting the local dealerships are still running ads about GM employee discounts. There will be those who have been anesthetized by job losses over the years who say, “Oh, this will only cause more loss of jobs.” But how do we draw the line in the sand and stand up to a company that has abandoned the Valley and America? There are thousands of jobs affected by this decision — thus thousands of workers who could be mobilized. We need to use our industrial power now or lose it — finally and forever.

What happened to the Lordstown UAW union of the 1970s? That was the union that really knew how to fight, set up picket lines blocking the roads to Lordstown. Now we’re the targets by GM and the current government. Let’s target our power in the right direction.