Walkers forgotten during bad weather


I’m going to try to reach out for help, once again, for the children that have to walk on snowy main and side roads to school during these winter months.

I have written letters and have made calls, but no one will listen. I live on Youngstown Road SE. I have three children I have to walk to and back from school everyday. When there is snow and ice on the sidewalks, it becomes absolutely impossible to walk there. Sometimes I have to walk on the street with my children, risking their lives and my own. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to push them out of the way to avoid being struck by a passing motorist. The city does not make anyone clear the snow off the sidewalks anymore, and it isn’t fair to the families that have to walk.

I’ve had to keep my kids home from school because of the roads or sidewalk conditions. Why can’t all children get bused during the winter? If they added one stop in the winter, my son would not have had to miss six days because of weather conditions.

Not everyone is fortunate to have a vehicle or family to take them to school. You see stories in the news about people worrying about children waiting at the bus stop in snowy or cold weather conditions, but what about the children that have to walk?

Something has to be done.