Presidents aren’t meant to be above the law


There is a disturbing argument from people on both sides of impeaching Trump. They say it is a political move and not a move for justice. The ridiculous argument that a sitting president can’t be indicted means that there is no equal treatment under the law. And setting the bar even higher for a president is unequal justice and treatment. The bar should be the same for everyone and be based on evidence. That is not what the Founding Fathers wanted or created. There’s no provision in the U.S. Constitution that says a sitting president cannot be indicted for a crime.

The Constitution says a president can be removed from office only by impeachment. Therefore, the Justice Department can indict and try the case. The president can be convicted; however, Congress would then face a sitting president going to jail.

Impeachment is not supposed to be about politics. Impeachment is Congress’ way of enforcing the Constitution. A political impeachment is what happened with President Clinton. In that case the special counsel was directed to find out whether the Clintons did anything illegal regarding the Whitewater investment case. The special prosecutor spent four years and couldn’t find anything they did wrong. That’s when he looked into Clinton’s private life, which was not what he was directed to do.

You want to talk about a perjury trap, that is what special counsel Kenneth Starr did. Republicans never complained about that because they just wanted to get Clinton.

With the Russia investigation, everything special counsel Robert Mueller has done so far has fallen within his mandate. Mueller has passed off other crimes he found to the appropriate authorities. Mueller has indicted and obtained both convictions and guilty pleas from major and minor Trump campaign people. Yet Republicans and Trump claim falsely that Mueller is in territory where he should not be.

There is a big difference between lying about a sexual affair and lying about dealing with a foreign government illegally — one that is with no doubt our adversary. That’s a crime against the U.S.

I have no doubt that Trump committed crimes. The problem is Republicans do not want to do their duty under the Constitution. For Republicans it’s about politics and power. Their golden rule of do unto others what you accuse others of doing unto you is plain to see if they refuse to do their duty of impeachment.

It goes for Democrats as well.