Arrest of Roger Stone was all for show


We had the arrest of the year last Friday.

Twenty-nine FBI agents in body armor with automatic weapons arrested Roger Stone at his home in Florida in a pre-dawn raid.

He was shackled, hand and foot, and taken off to jail. Can you believe CNN was there with lights and camera taping the event? It was on the air shortly after 6 a.m.

Who was the watch commander who gave the order for this raid? The usual steps for a white collar crime are the court notifies his attorney and a time and date are arranged for him to come in.

This wasn’t Al Capone. It was an unarmed, non-violent 66-year-old man brought in for non-violent charges.

The liberal national media was in celebration that yet another evil Trump supporter had been arrested.

How sad that this continues — just to get something on President Trump.

They should all be ashamed of themselves.