Sound off!

As U.S. Rep. Steve King has been removed from serving on several committees in Washington from making remarks that were offensive, I suggest Rep. Ilhan Omar from Minnesota be taken off the Foreign Relations Committee, appointed by Speaker Pelosi, and disciplinary action be taken against her for her anti-Semetic remarks against Jewish people. She is not capable of doing this job.

— Niles

Everyone is screaming about winter road conditions. What do they expect? They keep electing the same people, party (Democrats) and mindset. Where has it gotten us? Look at this city. In a few years we’ll be down to two police officers and one fire truck, but 20 council members, a vice mayor and administrators for every category. Plus more principals parking in handicapped spaces. They’ll all have relatives on the payroll, too. You get what you vote for.

— Warren

Why are Democrats against a hard structure on our southern border when they were so adamant for it in 2006 and 2012? Obama, Biden, Clinton, Brown, Pelosi, Ryan and many other Democrats voted for it! It’s very clear the safety of the American people are being sacrificed for the Democrat agenda. I’m a registered Democrat, and I’m ashamed at the direction of the party. Hypocrisy at its finest.

— Braceville