Sound off!

The City of Warren should really be ashamed of itself! The streets were terrible even after the half-hearted effort to clean them. Not only were the side streets a mess, the main streets were terrible! SHAME! Just wasting our tax dollars.

— Warren

Should NFL penalties be reviewable? In a typical knee-jerk reaction to one call in one game, over 80 percent of Tribune respondents favored reviewing penalties. Sorry. Football games last at least three hours. Respondents must have a lot of free time! TV time for football would markedly increase; scheduling of TV shows will have to be altered; and family time will be further reduced so THE GAME will be perfect. Look at the ridiculous situation in baseball with the reviews. All the technology in the world will not make life perfect. Count me in the minority. No! It’s a game, folks!

— Warren

Warren leaders should find a way to take money from departments that make money, i.e., the water department, with an abundance of employees. How many employees does it take to test water? Give me a break! And use the funds to support streets and parks. Maybe the over-staffed city law department can do research to get a way to free up these funds. Then again, probably not. The law department will want to hire a outside law firm to do their work for them.

— Warren

Since I was 5, my mother made sure I had a hat, gloves and boots when needed before I left the house. Now every time the weather changes, TV stations send out a weather intern to stand in the rain or snow and explain how they are dressed and what we should wear. Do they think mothers aren’t smart enough to properly dress their kids? Apparently they don’t want Darwin’s law of “survival of the fittest” to apply anymore.

— Newton Falls

Since Tim Ryan has been in office, there have been massive plant closures with little acknowledgment or empathy from his office. What is his motive now with GM union leadership? Has he showed concern for individuals losing employment at the GM suppliers, whose pay and benefits are probably lower? Ryan is out of touch with his constituency but very much in touch with Washington, D.C., antics.

— Braceville

I find it ironic that the Tribune editorial board demands names of the police officers involved in the Niles shooting. The newspaper is part of the same media that refuses to reveal sources of news tips from what might be a criminal, for fear of retribution to the source and his or her family. Is the safety and protection of police officers and their families of somehow lesser value?

— Niles