Americans drinking the Trump Kool-Aid


President Trump is now concocting his Kool-Aid as his high rollers are gambling in Washington. America is now being held for ransom over a border wall. Threats are being made by our President — if $5.7 billion to build a wall isn’t approved in the spending bill — to close the Southern border. He has shut down part of the government for a period of time. It could have been simplified if they had put it on the ballot last election and settled it by a people’s vote.

I’m starting to think of him as the Rev. Jim Jones of the Jonestown massacre of 1978 in South America whose supporters “drank the Kool-Aid.” Followers appear to have a cultish attachment, overlooking deceitfulness. Jim Jones, who once threw his Bible to the floor, yelled at his congregation, “Too many people are looking at this (Bible) instead of listening to me!”

Trump’s unorthodox leadership is not in line with any former president. Meanwhile, our wavering leaders at the Capitol are playing “tit for tat” with party rule, while our adversary, Russia, has pushed ahead with the development of a hypersonic missile that we cannot, at this moment, defend against. What appears to have happened after the last two years is some Americans seem to be adapting to a “Jim Jones” type leadership.