Sound off!

So 70 percent of respondents to a Tribune Chronicle poll credit Trump for the current gas prices? I’d guess when the prices were at $3, the same respondents were blaming him? Of course not! And when gas climbs again next year, Trump will not be blamed by these folks. Credit for only the good stuff! We all know if it’s bad, it’s either the media, Democrats, our allies or the immigrants’ fault. That’s life in the Flat Earth Society.

— Warren

Some people need to become aware of the fabric of how people act and think in this area. A drug-free, educated workforce is necessary to compete economically. How many times does the public hear from employers that they have job openings but can’t find employees to pass drug tests or without numerous felony convictions? This mentality related to the drug culture has to end sometime if this area is to survive.

— Braceville

The chairman of the Trumbull County Republican Party says, “Government should stay out of the free market and let the market stay a free market.” He needs to open his eyes. If we don’t build checks and balances into these bills, businesses will take advantage every way they can. That’s what we are seeing in Lordstown. The tax cuts did not get voluntarily passed down to the workers, and worse yet, GM took the money and moved to Mexico.

— Cortland

One faulty sensor brought down an entire jetliner that was on autopilot. Yet, car manufactures seem to be putting all their eggs into the autonomous car basket. Computers occasionally lock up and sensors go bad, which would be a disaster on a road full of self-driving cars. They should limit these endeavors to automatic braking because so many people are texting and not paying attention to their driving.

— Warren

Politicians are all the same. A perfect example is the GM issue. They all come out of the woodwork talking about what they are trying to do for the area. Come on, it has nothing to do with saving the day — it’s all about votes. None of them want to give up their easy pay and benefits. Promises made, but never kept!

— Warren

As days get shorter and skies get gray, remember to turn on your headlights! Most newer cars have daytime run lights, but that doesn’t help the person behind you see your gray car on the gray pavement on a gray day. Snow, fog and rain are all good reasons to turn on the headlights. In Ohio, it is a law that when your wipers are on, your headlights must also be on. There are many traffic laws that drivers ignore every day, but as bad weather approaches, slow down, pay attention, don’t tailgate and turn your lights on!

— Southington